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The Top 20 U.S. Frozen Yogurt Franchises

This post may have outdated information. Originally written 09/28/2012

Looking from a subjective view of franchises, we can assume that location, revenue, and the total number of stores play a main part in discovering the top 20 frozen yogurt franchises in the Unites States. Location plays a role because it shows the versatility of the brand name. Typically, frozen-yogurt stores dominate the summer-loving states because fro-yo is most popular during the warm weather, so if a brand can expand victoriously into other areas of the Unites States and the world, it proves how versatile the brand really is. Total revenue is a given, because success comes with a reward in this country, and the total store count shows a level of trust, interest, and confidence the public has in the brand’s sustainability.

Taking a more objective approach, variety/uniqueness seems to be another key to a successful frozen yogurt franchise in this industry as well. There is more competition now more than ever after the fro-yo comeback around 2005 since the decline of sales in the late nineties. With the industry booming and stores popping up all over the United States, variety in everything from yogurt flavors and toppings, to community outreach, and actual design of the stores is what contributes and makes for a successful fro-yo franchise. Stores are offering gluten-free, kosher-certified, and dairy-free options, soft-serve Greek yogurt, sorbets, and gelatos, as well as a never-ending array of toppings. Many stores are becoming more environment-conscious by using biodegradable cups, cornstarch spoons, and partnering with organizations or initiatives that benefit the community through use of a portion of their revenue. The old-fashioned ice cream parlor décor is being ditched and reinvented into a fresh, modern, and sophisticated hybrid of the perfect college hangout and ideal spot for a casual business meeting.

Below I will list the top 20 frozen yogurt franchises present in the U.S. that I have found that display all the attributes I have mentioned. I will briefly list what sets them apart from the rest based upon both a combined objective and subjective viewpoint.

In no particular order, here are the top 20 frozen yogurt franchies:

1. 16 Handles: This brand offers 16 kosher-certified yogurt flavors, 55 fruit, dry, and syrup toppings. They use cornstarch spoons, biodegradable cups, as well as recycle and compost whenever possible. In addition, they are partnered with Trees for the Future, where every 16 Handles location helps to plant 16 trees a day at around 48 locations.

2. The Fuzzy Peach: There are 18 locations with 7 coming soon. They offer lactose free, gluten free, non-fat, low fat, premium, and no-sugar added flavors with around 37 to choose from and 74 toppings to add. They also provide catering services.

3. Yogurtini: They have 28 locations with 8 coming soon and offer 10-16 flavors in-store and over 65 different toppings. They produce yogurt containing about 10 times the amount of live and active cultures recommended by the National Yogurt Association (NYA), participate in fundraising, and offer to-go containers of fro-yo.

4. Pinkberry: They provide kosher-certified frozen yogurt with around 17 kosher-certified toppings, have The National Yogurt Association approval, use farm fresh ingredients, offer Greek frozen yogurt, take-home size frozen-yogurt containers, and catering options at more than 170 locations world-wide.

5. Yogurtland: With over 200 locations, there are around 80 frozen yogurt flavors being used at different stores. They also offer more than 15 different kinds of seasonal real fruit and 45 choices of other toppings. In addition, they actively participate in community fundraising and offer catering services.

6. Yogurt Mountain: With 44 active locations, they have 16 rotating flavors and more than 50 toppings. Also, they offer low-fat, fat-free, gluten-free, no sugar added, and dairy-free fro-yo, as well as catering services. To add to it, they participate in fundraising, donations, and sponsorships.

7. Red Mango: There are over 200 locations nationwide with a menu that includes smoothies, parfaits and other frozen treats. All fro-yo is made of all-natural ingredients, nonfat or low-fat, and certified gluten-free, as well as use of modern décor throughout the store.

8. Menchie’s: There are 100 rotating flavors, including low carb, no sugar added, dairy free, nonfat, gluten free, and kosher options at around 230 locations.

9. Orange Leaf: There are around 256 locations, with about 68 frozen yogurt flavors and 35 toppings, as well as the Ounce-Back rewards card.

10. TCBY: While there are more than 470 locations nationwide, all of them incorporate a modern store design with many colors and futuristic décor. They offer soft-serve fro-yo and Greek fro-yo, parfaits, milk shakes, hand scooped ice cream, smoothies, cakes, and pies.

11. Sweet Frog: With close to 200 locations, they provide a family-friendly environment and are very heavily involved in community outreach.

12. Yogo Factory: There are 24 locations and 22 coming soon. They are offering non-fat, low-fat, sorbets, sugar-free, and seasonal flavors. Also, they are involved in local charities and sponsorships, as well as having party and catering services.

13. Forever Yogurt: Being a newer store, they have 11 locations and 10 coming soon. They offer non-fat, low-fat, sorbets, sugar-free and non-dairy yogurt options.

14. Yogurberry: There are around 14 U.S. locations with 10 coming soon. They always use 100% natural ingredients, non-fat, low in calorie and large quantities of Bifidus Lactobacillus. They also provide smoothies, as well as bakeries, delis, gelato, and coffee at selected locations.

15. Yogli Mogli: With 26 locations, they offer non-dairy, no sugar added, and non-fat frozen yogurt, as well as a catering option at each store.

16. You Say When: There are over 30 locations that offer fat free, gluten free, and Orthodox Union Kosher (OU) approved yogurt in addition to offering fruit smoothies.

17. U-Swirl: There are 35 locations and 7 coming soon. They are offering non-fat, sugar free, and seasonal frozen yogurt that meets the requirements set forth by the National Yogurt Association and carries the NYA Live & Active Cultures seal.

18. Golden Spoon: This brand has around 67 U.S. locations and offers more than 80 yogurt flavors as well as a variety of ice cream. They participate in helping the environment by use of bio-degradable cups that bio-degrade in 21 days.

19. Yogen Fruz: With over 1300 stores and 61 U.S. stores, they were rated the number one Franchise in the World in 1999 among the Franchise 500. They participate in school fundraising and event sales, contribute to around 13 charities, in addition to offering fruit cups, parfaits, smoothies, and around 22 flavors of frozen yogurt. Their fro-yo includes gluten-free, kosher, low-fat, no sugar added, non-fat, non-dairy, and peanut-free options.

20. Zinga: There are 21 established locations, 2 coming soon, and over 285 stores under contract. They offer low-fat, non-fat, no sugar added, and reduced fat frozen yogurt, as well as sorbet, and Greek yogurt which is coming soon. All frozen yogurt flavors are gluten free, with the exception of those containing cookies or cake. They also happen to be a recipient of the Live & Active Culture seal.

**Cold Stone Creamery and Marble Slab Creamery are other notable franchises that now offer frozen yogurt. While it is not their specialty, Cold Stone Creamery has over 1100 locations nationwide and Marble Slab has over 390 stores nationwide.

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