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  • How Much Does an Ice Cream Push Cart Cost?

    How Much Does an Ice Cream Push Cart Cost?
    Q. How Much Does a Ice Cream Push Cart Cost? On average, the price of a push cart will vary a bit. A brand new high quality pushcart without any refrigeration or cold-plates generally starts around $2900, with push carts increasing in price as you move onto larger models and models with more features. A new high quality pushcart with both refrigeration and built-in cold plates, which allow the cart to stay cold all day without the need for electricity, will start at around $4,500 for the smallest models. Ice...

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  • Common Troubleshooting with a Stoelting Machine

    Common Troubleshooting with a Stoelting Machine
    Hello fellow ice cream enthusiasts. Today's post is something  we've been meaning to put together for some time now. While this troubleshooting guide isn't comprehensive (yet!), it does cover some of the most basic & common problems you'll face at some point in your day to day use with a Stoelting soft serve machine. These suggestions are not model specific; If you need model specific troubleshooting, the manuals for each Stoelting machine will have some troubleshooting instructions for those particular models. Looking for more info about Soft Serve machines in...

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  • Future for Ice Cream Parlors in 2022

    Future for Ice Cream Parlors in 2022
    Hello fellow ice cream enthusiasts and happy Monday from the TurnKeyParlor team! Today's topic is a bit more serious than our usual posts; today we will be talking about the future of ice cream shops in 2022. This year, 2021, has been very difficult for many small business owners. Most are just hanging on by a thread. And many more have already closed their doors. The majority of traffic in ice cream parlors comes from foot traffic, so the effects of the pandemic and shutdowns were felt immediately for many...

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