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SL500 Part Names, Functions, & Dimensions

SL500 Part Names, Functions, & Dimensions
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SL500 Part Names, Functions, & Dimensions

Welcome to our comprehensive resource on the SL500 Electro Freeze Soft Serve Machine.We have consolidated all the crucial part numbers, diagrams, and detailed descriptions of the SL500. This page should serve as a reference for anyone who needs to know the SL500's components and their specific functions as well as part numbers.

All of the information included in this post was pulled directly from the SL500 user manual. If you are looking for the manual, you can download it here: SL500 Electrofreeze Manual Download

SL500 Dimensions

SL500 Diagram of Dimensions
Location Dimension Description
Front (Width) 22 1/4" Width of the machine at the front
Right Side (Depth) 30" Depth of the machine from the right side
Junction Box 4x4 Size of the junction box
Water In 3/8" Male Flare Size of water inlet (for water-cooled units only)
Water Out 3/8" MPT Size of water outlet (for water-cooled units only)

SL500 Faceplate Assembly

SL500 Faceplate Assembly Diagram
Number Part Name Description
1 HEAD - DISPENSE Encloses the freezing cylinder and provides an opening for product to be dispensed.
2 O-RINGS - HEAD Seals the head to the freezing cylinder. Must be lubricated.
3 PLUNGERS - DISPENSE - SIDE Seals the product opening in the head when closed. Allows product to flow when open.
4 O-RINGS - PLUNGER Seals the plunger in the head. Must be lubricated to seal and slide freely.
5 PLUNGER - DISPENSE - CENTER Seals the product opening in the head when closed. Combines ice cream from both cylinders to form swirl cones.
6 ROD - PLUNGER Starts the freezer when dispensing. Must be in place for proper operation.
7 PIN - HANDLE Secures handle to the head.
8 KNOB - HAND Secures the head to the freezing cylinder.
9 HANDLE - DISPENSE - SIDE Opens and closes the plunger to start and stop the flow of product from the freezer.
10 HANDLE - DISPENSING - CENTER Opens and closes the plunger to start and stop the flow of swirl product from the freezer.
11 NOZZLE - SERRATED Forms the frozen product as it is dispensed.

Beater Shaft Assembly

SL500 Beater Shaft Assembly Diagram
Item Part No. Description
1 HC139913 Bar-Breaker 16.02 in.
2 HC120866 Shaft- Assy. Beater
3 HC141009 Blade-Scraper
4* HC160557 Seal-Beater Shaft
5* HC137593 Washer-Double Shaft Seal
* Can be ordered together
HC115525 Seal-Assy. Shaft Double

Mix Feed Tube Assembly

Mix Feed Tube Assembly Diagram
Item Part No. Description
* HC120676 Tube- Assy Mix Feed Self Priming Complete
1 HC120672 Tube-Assy. Mix Feed Self Priming
2 HC137558 Regulator-Mix Feed
3 HC160607 O-ring (Mix Feed Tube)
* Includes all items above.

O-Ring Charts for SL500 (Printable)

SL500 Faceplate O-Ring Chart
SL500 Mix Feed Regulator O-Ring Chart

Other SL500 Accessories

Part No. Description
HC196103 Bottle-Wash 500 ml
HC158009 Brush-4 in. w/o handle (Handle p/n HC158012)
HC158003 Brush-7/16 & 1-1/8 Double End
HC158077 Brush-9/16 in w/36 in. handle
HC162105 Caster-1-1/4 ST PT w/brake
HC162106 Caster-1-1/4 ST PT w/o brake
HC184233 Chart-O-ring EF Gravity SS (Laminated)
HC120858 Cover-Assy. Control Switch 22 in. Open
HC196111 Cover-Hopper
HC158012 Handle-Brush Fiberglass (Brush p/n HC158009)
HC115536 Kit-O-ring
HC158054A Lubricant-Lubri-Film Plus 4 oz. tube
HC158000A Lubricant-Petro-Gel 4 oz. tube
HC112978 Leg-Assy. Six inch (Optional)
HC196185 Nozzle-Serrated
HC150736 Nut-Lock Conduit 1-1/4 (Casters)
HC158013 Sanitizer-Stera Sheen (Sample)
HC158014 Sanitizer-Stera Sheen (Per case/4 jars)
HC158014A Sanitizer-Stera Sheen (Per 4 lb. jar)
HC158049 Scale-Overrun
HC169374 Tool-O-ring Removal
HC196270 Tray-Drip 22 in. Black
HC184778-01 DVD-Training

Operator Controls and Indicators

SL500 Controls Diagram

The following table describes the operator controls and indicators. Refer to the photo above for location of these controls and indicators on the freezer.

NOTE: The dispense head must be in place before the freezer will operate.

Control Description
Day-Night Switch (1)
  1. a. “DAY” (left) — The low tem-perature thermostat controls the system refrigeration to maintain the product serving temperature between 18° to 21ºF (-8° to -6°C). This is the normal operating position.
  2. b. “NIGHT” (right) — This energy-saving mode will reduce product agitation. The freezer will automatically cycle to maintain temperatures below 40 º F(4 º C). Use this position when the freezer will not be in use for periods of more than an hour
Selector Switch(2)
  1. CLEAN (left) – This position operates the beater only (no refrigeration to the cylinder). Always use this mode when performing cleaning and sanitizing operations.
  2. OFF (center) – In this position the beater motor and refrigeration system will not operate.
  3. AUTO (right) – This position activates both the beater motor and refrigeration unit. This is the normal operating position. Unit needs 12 seconds to internally set controls and start.

Do not use the “AUTO” position with water or sanitizer in the cylinder or hopper. The freezer will be damaged.

Reset — Overload (3) If the overload trips frequently, your freezer should be checked for proper product temperature, overrun and voltage. Contact your Electro Freeze Distributor.
This control protects the beater motor against failure from an overload condition by automatically shutting down the freezer. To restart the freezer properly, turn the SELECTOR switch to “OFF”, wait 2-3 minutes, then depress the red reset button and turn the SELECTOR switch back to the “AUTO” or “CLEAN” position.
Timer (4) This control will bypass the thermostat, forcing the compressor and beater motor to run up to 3 minutes. Use the timer for quick start-ups or fast recovery when dispensing large portions.
Excessive use of the timer causes freeze-up and damage to the freezer.
“ADD MIX” Indicator Light (5) When blinking, this light indicates the mix in the hopper is at a low level and should be refilled as soon as possible. Always maintain at least 2 inches (5.1 cm) of mix in the hopper. For best operating results, keep hopper full.
If proper mix level is not maintained, a freeze-up may occur and may damage the freezer.

Mix Feed Tube & Regulator

This three-position regulating device meters the correct amount of mix and air into the freezing cylinder.

SL500 Mix Feed Tube Diagram
SL500 Mix Feed Tube Adjustment Diagram
  1. Locate the round indent near the top of the mix tube cylinder. Align this indent to the center range of the three indent pattern on the mix feed regulator.
  2. The plastic mix feed regulator may be adjusted within the three indent range to obtain an optimum product overrun and dispense speed.
  3. The largest indent setting will allow the least overrun. The smallest indent setting will allow the most air in the cylinder and is used for a higher overrun. (see figure 5-4)

During periods of idle or night operation, place the mix inlet port to the closed position. At this setting, mix and air flow are shut off to the cylinder.

Important: If product is dispensed when the regulator is in the "CLOSED" position, a freeze-up will occur and may cause damage to the freezer.

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