How Much Does a Batch Freezer Cost? –


How Much Does a Batch Freezer Cost?

How Much Does a Batch Freezer Cost?

Q. How Much Does a Batch Freezer Cost?

The price of a brand new, high-end commercial batch freezer can range dramatically in price; some batch freezers start as low as $7,000 USD for the smaller single batch countertop models, while other batch freezers go for as high as $33,000 USD for the largest, most efficient high-volume batch freezer models.

Price doesn't always correlate to quality, however, when it comes to ice cream batch freezers, the cheaper, no-name options that are available for $1-2,000 really do lack the high quality final product that brands like Carpigaiani or Emery Thompson have mastered in the batch freezer landscape.With that being said, you definitely don’t have the spend an entire $30,000 on a single batch freezer either. Below are some recommendations of some really cool, different types of batch freezers that are sure to make all types of high quality frozen products.

But first, what really is a batch freezer? Do you really need one?

What is a Batch Freezer?

What is a Batch Freezer?

A Batch Freezer is a commercial piece of restaurant equipment used in the production of frozen desserts such as gelato, sorbetto, ice cream, custard and sherbet. To oversimplfy it, a batch freezer works by taking the base product and simultaneously freezing & whipping the mix, which in return creates the smooth consistency which we associate these classic frozen desserts with.

For anyone looking to make high quality frozen desserts like ice cream or gelato in-store, then a batch freezer really is a necessity. Understanding how a batch freezer functions and what all the different types of batch freezers have to offer will be rewarding when you decide to invest in the batch freezer you know will be perfect for your business!

The Parts of a Batch Freezer:

The four main parts of any commercial batch freezer are its barrel, spin blades, freezing cylinder and condensing unit! To the left is a diagram of showing these four parts come together to make the batch freezer function!

  • Barrel: Where the liquid base is placed & made into frozen product.
  • Spin Blades: Blades are used to mix product, adding air bubbles into the base as it continues to freeze. This is what gives ice cream / gelato its consistency.
  • Freezing Cylinder: The freezing cylinder intakes water as well as the compressed Freon made by the condensing unit, and is used to get & keep everything at the proper temperature.
  • Condensing Unit: Basically the 'engine' of the unit. Compressors Freon into a cold liquid which is then used to keep the machine cool.

Batch Freezer Recommendations:

Below is a small list of batch freezers, specifically tailored to fit a variety of different needs! Hopefully, one of these machines will be exactly what you need.

BG Italy - Carpigiani 2 Flavor Gelato Batch Freezer

Now, I wanted to start with this one because of how interesting the machine design is! Unlike most commercial batch freezers, this machine is made to be shown off instead of hid in the back. Allows customers to see the ice cream be churned. Not only that, but this machine doubles as a miniature two flavor dipping cart, as it comes with the two dipper wells for paddles, as well as tops that can be flipped open which makes the ice cream stop churning, basically allowing you to serve ice cream straight from this machine!

BG Italy Full Machine View
BG Italy Screen Flavor Control
BG Italy Inside of Machine

While this machine was made for making and serving gelato, its LCD screen has tons of temperature and speed options for you to make any changes you would need to make your ice cream perfect.

One of my favorite parts of the BG Italy batch freezer is its night mode, which keeps the product at a safe temperature overnight while conserving energy, and can be programmed to automatically turn on without an operator present!

These go for around $16,000 new, however we do have one BG Italy Batch Freezer that's barely been used for just $8,790!

2021 Emery Thompson CB350 1PH Air Cooled

If you're less interested in the appearance of the machine or showing customers how your products made, and instead need a higher volume and higher capacity batch freezer, then Emery Thompson’s Countertop batch freezer could be the way to go!

CB 350 Emery Thompson Batch Freezer
Cb350 EMERY thompson batch freezer backside

The CB-350 can produce up to 7.5 gallons or 28.4 liters of ice cream or gelato per hour, which is great if you want to prepackage ice cream pints for resell or you just need to produce enough ice cream for the day within a two or three hour time-frame, the CB-350 will definitely get the job done!

If you like the look of the CB350, we do have a 2021 CB350 1PH Air Cooled available if you need it ASAP!

Carpigiani Compacta 3003 Batch Freezer Pasteurizer Combo Unit

The Compacta 3003 Batch Freezer is an excellent choice for those just want one machine for anything & everything you'll need when it comes to making and frozen desserts, including ice cream from scratch, skim ice creams, and even fruit ice creams. This batch freezer is a high capacity model, able to produce up to 10.5 liters per batch.

This batch freezer also comes with a Pasteurizer, which is a very unique feature that most batch freezers don't have! While these machines usually go for $30,000 new, we do have one avalible for about half that! If your interested, check out a USED 2008 Carpigiani Compacta 3003 Batch Freezer Pasteurizer Combo Unit.

Carpigiani Compacta 3003 Features:

  1. Top cylinder for heating and mixing
  2. Lower cylinder for production and execution of production cycles
  3. Electronic control panel divided by heating and production sides
  4. Flexible shower-head for cleaning the cylinders
  5. Lids for ice cream filling in heating and freezing cylinders
  6. Levers for ice cream dispense and transfer from top cylinder to lower cylinder
  7. Front lids with safety devices for cylinders opening
  8. Wheels for easy moving
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