Stoelting F231 morning procedures –


Stoelting F231 morning procedures

Neil Williams, President of TurnKey Parlor, is here today to guide you through the morning procedures for a Stolting F231 ice cream machine, specifically one with older-style air tubes. These air tubes require cleaning before you begin your day to ensure the smooth operation of your machine.

In the morning, the product inside the cylinders is in a liquefied state, similar to what you find in the hoppers. To get started, follow these steps:

Step 1: Cleaning the Air Tubes

1. Carefully and neatly, remove the air tubes to prevent any spills.

2. Take them to the sink and thoroughly flush them out, ensuring you can see through them and that there are no obstructions hindering the flow of the mix through the air tubes into the cylinders.

One common issue arises when yogurt or other products start to clog the air tubes due to insufficient whisking. This blockage can lead to a situation called "starving the cylinder," which can result in a frozen cylinder, necessitating an hour-long machine restart.

After flushing out the air tubes, return them to their positions.

Step 2: Whisking the Product

Now, it's time to whisk the product. The goal here is to remove any residue or gunk that might have accumulated around the air tubes, preventing them from becoming clogged.

Step 3: Draining the Cylinders

Next, proceed to drain the cylinders. Follow these steps:

1. Press the "clean" button on your machine.

2. Allow approximately half of the cylinder's contents to drain out on each side. This step is crucial as it helps introduce fresh mix into the air tubes, resetting the cylinder with a balanced mixture of air and product (typically a 50-50 ratio).

Be sure to save the product you've drained from the cylinders as you'll pour it back in shortly.

Step 4: Final Steps

After draining, whisk the product once more to ensure it's not obstructing the air tubes. If you have a different flavor on the other side, repeat the cylinder draining process for that side as well. Then, pour the drained product back into the cylinder.

Now, you'll need to wait for about 10 minutes before pressing the "freeze" button. This brief wait allows the new mix and air to flow through the recently cleaned air tubes, ensuring a smooth start to your production day.

By following these steps, you effectively reset the cylinders with fresh air and mix in the morning, all while minimizing product wastage. This procedure ensures consistent product quality throughout the day. If you notice the product becoming too soft during the day, simply repeat the cylinder draining process to introduce fresh air and maintain product quality.

In summary, these morning procedures are crucial for the optimal functioning of your Stolting F231 ice cream machine, helping you consistently deliver high-quality frozen treats to your customers.

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