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Used Carpigiani 191 Countertop

Used Carpigiani 191 Countertop

How to Clean your Carpigiani 191 Countertop Soft Serve Machine

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Cleaning Your Used Carpigiani 191

When disassembling the lower portion of your Used Carpigiani 191 Countertop machine, remove the two thumbscrews. remove the head and remove the beater, making sure to use two hands in disassembling the hopper section. remove the agitator pulling straight up and disconnect the feed tube from the pump by twisting and pulling forward.

Once you’ve done that, turn the connector into the bottom of the hopper counterclockwise and lift. The pump itself is removed by turning slightly clockwise and pulling forward. make sure you remove the pump, the shaft, and the pump seal. in disassembling the parts begin by removing the pivot pin o-ring.

Remove the pivot pin from the front door and pull down the handle and turn it slightly sideways. pull it again, then use your o-ring removal tool and remove both o-rings from the piston. On the backside of the door, there is one large o-ring you'll remove for the beater. you have one beater seal, an idler that runs down the middle of the beater, an end pusher, and three scraper blades.

to remove the blades, twist outwards, and they will come loose from their hooks. on the pump, you have the pump shaft, the pump seal, and the pickup tube. you will turn to remove a pressure cap and spring and one o-ring around the pickup tube that you will remove with your o-ring remover. There are two thumb screws that you will remove, then separate the halves and you will have one o-ring around the middle, drive gear, and a driven gear on the feed tube. you have two o-rings one at one end and one at the other end. After you have washed your parts you will then reassemble them. you will place your large o-ring back into the backside of the door.

When reinstalling it, lube only the exposed portion - you have two o-rings on the piston which you will slide back into place and lube the exposed portions. slide the piston back into the front door, push the handle back into the piston and reinsert the pivot pin. then place the o-ring on the end of the pivot pin to keep it locked in place. that gives you your dispense head.

As you are reassembling your beater make sure to inspect your parts, checking the seal for any signs of wear or damage. if none are found, you will lube the interior portions and only the interior portions. it is not necessary to lube the exterior. you will inspect your blades for signs of wear; it should be flat on one side and angled on the other. if you find them angling back on what should be the flat side, it's a sign that your blade is worn out and should be replaced. you'll also have the round bumpers on the top of these, they should be nicely round and domed over. if they appear to be pushed flat that's another sign that the blade is worn and should be replaced. inspect all three blades - if no defect is found you can reinstall them on the beater.

The blades have indentations on one side so they can only fit in one way: you'll start the indentation under the hooks and twist down. all three blades are identical so it does not matter what blade gets put where. you will reinstall your end pusher, there's a cut out in the end of the beater. a notch in the end pusher itself, those should line up to allow the end pusher to properly be seated and the idler slid back down the middle.The beater should now be reassembled.

Carpigiani 191 Pump

for the pump you will replace your driven gear and drive gear. The gears are set so that they will only go in one direction. they will not fit if you attempt to put them backwards. place the o-ring around the middle, lube the exposed portion and put both halves back together.

The holes in the halves are drilled in different sizes and there is a shoulder on one of the screws in the back half, so if you attempt to put them on wrong it will not fit. The unit is designed to guide you to put everything back correctly.

put your thumb screws back on using a paper towel if needed. to screw tightly, put the pressure cap back in. replace the spring, and put the o-ring back on the pickup tube, then lube the exposed portion. There is a cutout in the pickup tube that lines up with its pin that allows you to get below the pin. then the pin locks it into place. you will place the selector at whatever has been chosen for your product. reinstall the pump seal. This is the only seal on the machine that will be lubed on all surfaces. it will be placed in the back of the pump. then the pump shaft will be put into place.

the pump shaft has two black rings around it which are ceramic, and they are used because the ceramic deals with friction better than steel and adds to the life of the shaft. Because they're ceramic please use care when handling this shaft, as dropping it can damage the ceramic and if it is chipped it will destroy the seal and need replacement.

Carpigiani 191 Hopper

for the feed tube you will reinstall the o-rings, then lube the exposed portions. When reassembling the hopper section we will reinstall the agitator, making sure that the metal square is visible through the top of the agitator housing. reinstalling the pump there is a hook on the back side of the pump that should catch the stud at the back of the hopper that holds the pump securely in place. slide the pump back into place, lock the hook against the retaining stud, and place the feed tube back into the hopper then push down and turn toward the rear of the machine making sure it locks into place. There is a cutout on the side of the upper connector of the feed tube that will line up with the retaining pin, then twist it upward to lock the feed tube to the front of the pump. That is your complete hopper section reassembly.

Reassembling the cylinder section:

Using both hands, slide the beader back into place making sure that it seats all the way back in. when the four white feet of the end pusher are inside the metal cylinder, that is as far back as it will go. The dispense head is then put back on. the message that is currently on screen will disappear. re-tighten the thumb screws. Once more you can use a paper towel to completely tighten the thumbscrews, knowing the lubricant on your hands can make them feel tight even though they may not be. that completes the cylinder section.

Reassembly for sanitizing the machine

We will pour the sanitizing solution into the hoppers. take the cylinder brush and begin moving the sanitizer around the inside of the hopper. you will do this for two minutes, making sure the sanitizing solution touches every place that mix could possibly touch. After two minutes, remove the feed tube from the pump and allow the sanitizer to drain down into the cylinder.

The gurgling noise in the hopper indicated that the sanitizer was going into the cylinder. when the gurgling sound stops, you will know that your cylinder is full. At that time you will press your agitation button, and it will begin moving the sanitizer around the cylinder and drawing through the pump. do this for two minutes. every time you press the center lock button, the unit will operate for 30 seconds so you will press a total of four times to allow two minutes of agitation. After those two minutes, reinstall the feed tube. press the center lock button again and allow the agitation to continue for another two minutes. This will allow sanitized water to come out of the weep holes in the pump, and again allow sanitizer to touch any place that mix could possibly go. This again will require four presses of the center lock button.

place a catch receptacle under the dispense head, and being a pump unit. your cylinder is pressurized, so hold the receptacle up and at an angle before pulling the handle, as the sanitizer will spray outward. you will then press the center lock button, and release. This will begin pumping out sanitizer. The sanitizer is traveling down the inside of the feed tube from the hopper, so we will pump out the sanitizer using the center lock button. for two minutes after pumping out the sanitizer and for two minutes once we remove the feed tube. be certain that you've let the pressure off of the cylinder before removing the feed tube from the top of the hopper, otherwise the pressure will leak up into the hopper and spray out.

At this point we will put our catch receptacle back under the dispense head and allow gravity to drain out the remainder of the sanitizer. Once the majority of the sanitizer has been emptied, and no more is coming out from the handle you will put a catch receptacle underneath and begin pouring in the mix. as it comes through, it will push out any remaining sanitized water. when it is coming out as just mixed you will close your handle and continue filling. Once you have poured your mix in, press the lock button one time, which will activate the beater and the pump. it assures us that the pump is properly functioning. it also assures us that the cylinder is completely filled, and there is no more gurgling coming from the fill port.

we will then reinstall the feed tube making certain it is locked into place. reattach it to the pump and the unit is now sanitized and loaded!

191 Carpigiani Countertop Spec Sheet: LINK
191 Carpigiani Countertop Manual: LINK

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