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International Customers Ice Cream Store Equipment

As an international customer, here are some of the things you need to keep in mind.

1) You need to understand the electrical requirements in your country. You country will either be 60HZ (also known as 60 cycle or 60 Hertz) or 50HZ. In the USA, we use 60HZ.  Equipment made in the USA is either 110V/60HZ or 220V/60HZ. In many international countries, the electrical is 220-240V/50HZ. This means chances are good we will have to customize the equipment to meet the specific electrical requirements in your country. Keep this in mind when shopping for used equipment. If you buy a used piece of equipment without knowing the electrical specifications match those in your country, you will have a very bad day when you find out you can't use the equipment. So make sure whatever purchase you make, whether from us or from somebody else, that you understand the electrical requirements. We can help you with this.

2) You will most probably need to work with what is called a Freight Forwarder. Sometimes we can quote shipping all the way to your country, but most of the time it works best when you hire your own freight forwarder/shipping agent and they manage the pick up and shipping process for you.

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