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Mistakes to Avoid when getting into the soft serve ice cream business

1) Do not plan a grand opening before you receive your soft serve machine(s)

2) Allow at least 2 weeks to learn to operate your machine. This also helps deal with any mechanical problems that might rear their ugly head. It can take a few days to get an actual technician to visit the store to diagnose/repair the problem.
3) If you receive your machine early, do not wait until right before you open to look at the machine and make sure no parts are missing. Give yourself time to get out in front of ordering any parts that 
may have not arrived to you or that you may have inadvertently lost. We have shipped many parts and tune up kits that customers set somewhere and one of the buildout workers set it somewhere else never to be found again.
4) Do not advertise you have soft serve on social media until you are comfortable with the machine(s) and you have been making good froyo/ice cream for at least a 
few days if not longer
5) Understand that there is no "rushing into" the soft serve business. It requires a lot of planning and learning in order to do it right. Being in a hurry to launch a soft serve offering is
just a bad idea and if not planned right, can lead to unnecessary stress.
6) Make sure you are 100% sure if you order a 3 phase power machine (says 3PH on the data plate) that you actually have 3 phase power in your building or in your location. 3 phase isn't just a fancy twist lock plug or 220v. Don't assume anything when it comes to electrical specifications. It is a VERY expensive mistake to order a 3 phase machine only to find out when your electrician goes to wire it that you don't have 3 phase power in your building. Almost 100% of the time, if you order 3 phase machines you can't, you will be stuck with those machines.On a good day, we will be able to replace them with 1 phase machines but this will come at a very high cost.
7) Establish a relationship with the local service company for your brand of machines. Not a bad idea to have them come out and look over the machines and maybe even provide some on site training. We do not pay the cost of this, but we will pay for any service if there is a problem during our warranty period.
of this, but if there is 
We are in the business of selling soft serve machines and we don't want to scare you away from getting into the business. We prefer to be up front about potential problems and want to work with clients who understand soft serve is not a "plug and play". The learning curve is not long, but there is a definite learning curve.
Please feel free to call us if you have any questions. 877-817-5716

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