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Used Ice Cream Machine and Equipment Listings

Used Ice Cream Machine and Equipment Listings
See all Used Batch Freezers HERE
See All Used Soft Serve and Froyo machines HERE
See All Used Dipping Cabinets and Coolers HERE
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Don't see what you need? Let us know. We have stuff coming and going all the time. Some of it hasn't quite made it on the website so no harm in asking.
$11,990 reduced $4k to $7,990 for Carpigiani 193G. Machines needs to ship by end of October and is priced to move. 2 flavor w twist machine in excellent condition details HERE
$16,970 for 2014 Taylor C712 3ph air cooled brand new pump assemblies. See pics and details HERE
Coming soon 2013 Electrofreeze 99T-RMT 1 phase water cooled
$8,390 for very lightly used 2019 Carpigiani LB100 Batch Freezer.. Details HERE
 $14,970 Refurbished ROSS M202-A 2 barrel custard batch freezer HERE
REDUCED $2k! $18,900 $16,900 for 2011 Technogel Mantagel 70 Batch Freezer. Looking to upgrade your production volume? This is a great choice HERE
Nelson and Masterbilt Dipping Cabinets HERE
$9,790 Made in 2013 Taylor 794, 1 phase air cooled in excellent condition. We will throw in a Mix & Chill blender for free. Perfect starter package to get into soft serve ice cream and blizzard type shakes. Details HERE
$65,000 - Ice Cream Truck with 2019 Electrofreeze GES pressurized soft serve machine and much more. Details HERE
Coming Soon: 2012 Electrofreeze RFC3 12qt batch freezer $13,900 (1ph water) 2014 Taylor C0001 Continuous Batch Freezer $14,900 (1ph air)
$3,990 Taylor 104 small batch freezer. Perfect for small volume operation or flavor development. Excellent working condition HERE
2015 Taylor 794 with Flavorburst details HERE
2017 Emery Thompson CB350 Batch Freezer details HERE
$79,900 Froyo Machine package: 5 Brand New Spaceman 6250-C plus 
key equipment to open a froyo store. Everything is brand new, in stock ready to ship. Details HERE
 $9,290 for almost brand new 2021 Carpigiani LB100 Batch Freezer. Used for less than 6 months HERE
15 Gallon VAT Pasteurizer with everything you need HERE
Refurbished Cattabriga EFFE 6 Batch Freezer - Put on a show for your customers with this one of a kind ice cream maker. Details and video HERE
$5,990 $4,990 - 2016 Taylor Model C302 Slushy Machine Details HERE
$79,900 $75,000 Everything was brand new in 2020. MARBLE SLAB/Great American Cookie Store - like new equipment liquidation. Save over $50k vs brand new equipment. Details HERE
Coming soon 2007 refurbished 1ph air Taylor C712 $11,970. Pics soon.
Coming soon 2009 refurbished 1ph water Taylor C713 $8,970. Pics soon.
Assorted Used Dipping Cases, Upright Freezers and Refrigerators - Single and Double Door units. Ship Quick - Details HERE
Coming Soon - Bravo Trittico 30 Ice Cream Batch Freezer / Pasteurize
$16,900 includes shipping Carpigiani COMPACTA 3003 Batch Freezer/Pasteurizer Combo unit in excellent working condition. Details HERE
$4,590 free shipping Taylor 336, 3ph air cooled fully tested in our Socal facility, made in 2008. Excellent working condition. Also have a single phase air Taylor 336 made in 2003 in excellent working condition fully tested in our Socal facility for the same $4,590 w free shipping. Two great deals for two great machines at a very affordable price.
Coming Soon - Taylor 8756 1 phase, air cooled - Made in 1999 but will be fully refurbished. These machines are really hard to find. Pics coming soon
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