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Used Ice Cream Machine and Equipment Listings

Used Ice Cream Machine and Equipment Listings
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Ramp up your production with this 2020 like new 44BLT-LC-1 Emery Thompson 44qt batch freezer. Single Phase Air Cooled (remote condensing unit). $35,900 plus shipping details HERE
$22,970 for 2021 9 Flavor Fuzionate Electrofreeze Model 44RMTFB Single Phase Air Cooled details HERE
$24,970 for 2023 Barely Used Taylor C713-27 1ph air cooled HERE
$9,970 Carpigiani LB202G batch freezer details HERE
$9,970 for 2015 Emery Thompson CB350 6 quart batch freezer HERE
$12,970 for 2022 Emery Thompson CB350 6qt with Emery Thompson "cart/table" and free shipping details  HERE 
$11,970 for 2019 Emery Thompson CB350 6 quart batch freezer HERE
$8,790 for 2018 Oscartek Gelato Case details HERE
$7,990 for 2017 BD8 Nelson Dipping Cart Cart HERE
$4,590 for FIP50 Cake Freezer details HERE
$5,890 for countertop blast freezer JOF1 HERE
$19,970 for 2017 Taylor C712 pump machine 1ph air details HERE
$14,970 for 2012 Taylor C712-33  3ph air cooled more details coming soon (we have 5 of these super hard to find C712 pump machines so let us know if you need more than one unit)
$19,970 for 2016 Electrofreeze GES-103 3ph water cooled bottom fed high volume pump machine details HERE
$11,900 for 2009 Carpigiani LB502 details HERE
$9,970 for 2010 Carpigiani LB202 details HERE
$7,970 Stoelting F231 3 phase air cooled soft serve ice cream and froyo machine w 30 day warranty HERE
$12,970 for 2017 Taylor C119 Single Phase, air cooled 8.5 quart batch freezer in excellent condition. Details and video HERE
Blast Freezer here for $5,890
$18,970 REDUCED to $18,490 like new 2021 Carpigiani LB200 batch freezer HERE
2020 Global 8 flavor Dipping Cabinet HERE
$25k REDUCED by $3k to $22k 1002/RTX-G Carpigiani "big mama" made in 2006 in good working condition. 3 phase, water cooled. Details HERE
$25,900 plus shipping for 2018 C. van 't Riet / Dairy Technology USA 50 Gallon VAT Pasteurizer. Details  HERE
2020 like new Stoelting F131 countertop (2 available). Details HERE
2021 like new Stoeltiing F111 countertop still in crate. Details HERE
$5,990 for 2015 Stoelting F111 countertop . Details HERE
$15,970 for 2017 Carpigiani MR ART details HERE
REDUCED! $18,900  $17,900 for 2011 Technogel Mantagel 70 Batch Freezer. Looking to upgrade your production volume? This is a great choice HERE
Coming Soon 2016 Electrofreeze Dairy Queen High Volume GES-103-132 Pictures and details coming soon. On its way to our facility to be refurbished. 
$7,990 2012 Electrofreeze SL500 (multiple units available - call us) HERE
 $11,970 2021 Spaceman 6250-AC HERE
$19,970 for barely used 2019 XVL3 High End Carpigiani pump soft serve machine. These go for over $30k new. Details HERE
$11,970 $7,500 Brand New Italian Ice Cart with Sink. Customer put down a deposit to have this custom cart made to his specs, then backed out of the deal. $7,500 includes shipping on a brand new cart. Cart can also be used as a bar cart for beverages. Details HERE
NINE (9) Wellspring Icetro soft serve machines for $10k. PLUS SHIPPING. See details HERE
Taylor C713-33  3 phase water cooled made in 2013 - $9,790 (we have 4 units)
High Powered Taylor bottom fed pump machine Model 8756-27, 1 phase, air cooled - Fully refurbished. These machines are really hard to find. Details HERE
$89,900 Froyo Machine package:  5 Brand New Spaceman 6250-C plus 
key equipment to open a froyo store. Everything is brand new.. Details HERE
Nelson and Masterbilt Dipping Cabinets HERE
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