Adjusting temperature (viscosity) on Taylor 794, 791, 161, 336 –


Adjusting temperature (viscosity) on Taylor 794, 791, 161, 336

Hi, Neil Williams here, the president of TurnKey, your go-to superstore for parlor ice cream equipment. Today, we're featuring the Taylor 161, with our lead tech, Thad Davidson, who will guide us through adjusting the viscosity, or the hardness, of the product.

First off, safety is crucial. Ensure the machine is turned off and unplugged before you start making adjustments to avoid any electric shocks.

Start by unscrewing the two screws located at the specified area, enabling you to remove the cover. Inside, you will notice various options like mix standby, wash, and auto. However, focus on the ones labeled ‘soft serve viscosity’, ‘shake temp’, ‘mix’, and ‘standby’.

The viscosity adjustment involves tweaking the hardness of the product dispensed from the cylinder. You'll find a small dial inside resembling a clock where adjustments can be made. Make slight adjustments, maybe an hour at a time on the dial, where 7 a.m to 7 p.m signifies the range. Currently, it is set at 10 a.m. To increase hardness, gently turn the dial to the right, towards the maximum, doing hourly increments, and then test the product's consistency.

Be cautious not to overly harden the product, as it might freeze the cylinder. If that happens, adjust the dial left or counterclockwise to soften the product.

The dial also features a ‘mix’ option, allowing adjustments to the hopper’s top temperature. If it’s forming ice, a slight turn to the left is recommended. Maintain the temperature around 38 degrees, ensuring it doesn’t freeze below 32 degrees, necessitating a warmer setting if it does.

The ‘standby’ temperature option caters to the machine’s sleep mode, optimizing energy usage overnight and preserving the product’s texture. It controls the cylinder’s temperature and the frequency of motor and refrigeration operations. If the product feels too warm in the morning, it’s advisable to adjust the standby temperature slightly colder.

Once you’ve made all necessary adjustments, carefully replace the cover and secure it with the screws. Remember always to prioritize safety, ensuring the machine is off and unplugged during adjustments.

And that's a wrap for the Taylor 161 adjustments at TurnKey Parlor. Happy serving!

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