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Electro Freeze RFC3 Machine Assembly

Electro Freeze RFC3 Machine Assembly

Hi, today, we're going to take a look at the Electrofreeze RFC3. We're going to assemble it, sanitize it, get it ready for production, wash the machine out and disassemble it and show you the operation of how the machine works.


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Let's get started. Okay. We're ready to assemble the parts. Last night, we had taken this machine apart. We had washed everything in the sink. We brush clean the machine itself, and now we're ready to reassemble everything. Besides having the parts that go with the machine.

The one other thing we're going to need for reassembly is our lube. We just need any kind of food grade lube that's NSF certified could be used on this machine. We're going to start with the beater assembly. So with this beater assembly, we have a rear seal and we have our main drive shaft here. So we're going to lube up the inside of our main drive shaft. And this is where the rear seal connects the augur to the back of the machine. And we're going to put a little bit around the side of the rear seal.

Now that that's done, we are ready to install our blades. These are our blades. And these blades are going to always be on the sharp side out. So they just kind of snap right in place. And this machine has three blades. Okay, now that's assembled, let's install this into the machine. We are going to slide the augur in and kind of pull the feet in as we slide it in.

Line it up, all the way to the back. You're going to feel it stop. And then we need to twist it and it'll slide all the way back until the beaters flush with the front of the machine. That's how we know we have it locked in place. Okay. Now we're going to assemble the door.

To assemble the door. We're going to start with the the front door that slides up and down to allow products to come out of the machine. We're going to install our o-ring style gasket on the front of that. It's a round gasket. Make sure that it seals all the way around.

So we're going to put a little lube, slide into the groove on the front of the door. Then we will slide the door into the machine.We slide it up with this angled part towards the top. It's going to go right up in here underneath the guard.And we just slide it all the way up to the top there.

Stick our locking pin in there handle. The handle goes right in the middle of the track, and the pin goes right through. And then the door slides up and down. As you pull it down, it will lock it in place. Okay. Let's move that open for now. One gasket left to add to our main door. That is the rear gasket. So again, we want to add a little bit of lube. Not a lot. Just enough to get a thin Sheen across this gasket.

Slide it right on to the door to lock in place.

Now we're ready to install the door into our machine. I'm putting the door on the front of this machine. We want to line up this hole with this pin and it'll work as a hinge. Slide right on and the door will push closed and we can lock the door. Our machine is assembled. Doors functioning properly and our machines assembled and it's ready for sanitizing.

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