Properly Sanitizing Your Soft Serve Machine –


Properly Sanitizing Your Soft Serve Machine

Step by Step Guide: How to Properly Sanitizing Your Soft Serve Machine

Sanitizing your machine can seem like a daunting task your first time, but in reality it's a quite easy process! While these steps and the video included in the post are referencing a Donper soft serve machine, most commercial soft serve machines will work similarly.

With that being said, it is important to read the manual for your specific machine model before doing anything that could potentially damage it. Use our directions at your own discretion

Before Sanitizing your machine, you have to make sure all the product from the day is emptied. If your machine is already empty, skip right to Sanitizing your Soft Serve Machine[link].

Prepping you Soft Serve Machine for Sanitizing

Soft Serve Machine Hopper










To drain product from your machine, first remove the hopper lids and feed tubes from both hoppers, and take these parts to the sink for cleaning.

Next, unscrew the adjustable flow-rate screws counterclockwise on each of the handles to allow the draw valves to fully open. Also remove all three star caps then turn the hopper system.

Switch your soft serve machine to the off position, and press the wash button on the control panel. Place a large bucket beneath the dispenser door and pull down all three handles to allow mix to flow out of both freezing cylinders. When all mix is dispensed, press the wash button again to turn wash mode off.

Now your soft serve machine is ready to be sanitized!

Sanitizing your Soft Serve Machine: Step by Step Guide










Begin by mixing two gallons of sanitizer solution in lukewarm water. Pour one gallon of sanitizer into each hopper, allowing it to flow down into the freezing cylinders. Place your feed tubes inside the hopper to be sanitized as well.

Next, turn the power switch to the on position, and press the wash button on the control panel. Let your soft serve machine operate in wash mode for five minutes.

Power Button









While still in wash mode dispense, all sanitizers solution from the machine into a large bucket.

Once drained, return the dispenser door handles to the upright position and press the wash button to turn wash mode off. Finally, remove the sanitized feed tubes from the hopper.

And that's it! Sanitizing your soft serve machine is a must after every business day to keep the machine running well and the product tasting right!

Draining Product & Sanatizing Your Soft Serve Machine: Video Instructions

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