How Much Does a Soft Serve Machine Cost? –


How Much Does a Soft Serve Machine Cost?

How Much Does a Soft Serve Machine Cost?

Q. How Much Does a Soft Serve Machine Cost?


In general, the cost of a soft serve machine can range drastically. Brand new soft serve machines generally start at $8,000 for a single flavor, and can go as high as 20/25,000$ for a brand new high quality quad flavor machine.

While you can definitely find cheaper chinese built soft serve machines, if you want guaranteed quality, I highly recommend that you stick with the well known and reliable brands such as Taylor, Stoelting, and Electrofreeze soft serve machines.

With all that being said, there is another option that you likely thought of: buying used. The upside to buying used equipment is obviously the potential savings. But notice I said potential. That's because when buying used, there can be unforeseen risks.

There is the chance that something is wrong with the soft serve machine you recieve. If you're buying from a reseller, there is often no warranty or guarantee offered on the equipment. There is often no way to be 100% sure the equipment is as advertised, and you run the risk of losing thousands of dollars.

Another potential cost is transportation. If you're buying a used machine locally, you either have to pay out of pocket for a shipping company - or you have to pay to rent a truck to transport the machines.

My suggestion? Go with us. We buy used soft serve machines all across the county, looking for the best deals. We take all the upfront cost, and store the machine in our warehouse. Than we clean them up, test and fix them when necessary. You still give equipment for way below the price it would be new, without the risk of buying sight unseen. Below i listed three used machines we have available in our warehouse, that are a better deal that any new machine you'll find on the market.

How Much Does a USED Soft Serve Machine Cost?

Below are three options for USED soft serve machines that are available in our store today, and are on the affordable side, ranging between $6,000-8,000 for top tier commerical soft serve machines. Listed below are the three machines:


1. USED Stoelting F231

Stoelting F231 Used













Price: $5,990 -USED Stoelting F231 HERE

Used Stoelting Model F-231 Frozen Yogurt and Ice Cream Machines. WATER COOLED, single phase, Very good working condition.

The F-231 is a gravity-fed 2 barrel with a twist machine, which will do soft serve and a frozen-yogurt product. The twist feature allows you to serve two flavors individually or combine flavors for a unique twist. The self-closing spigot eliminates waste and ensures precise portion control.

Some of the features I really love about the Stoelting F231 Soft Serve Machine is the fact that it has this untiliic tune control so this control communicates to the operator through the LCD screen so it really gives you great control over what's happening with the machine it's a very compact design particularly in locations where floor space is a premium, so you do get a lot of bang for your buck. So far as capacity, it's a smaller footprint machine. I like this clear faceplate too. When you've got the different color of the products here that are visible to the customer it's a great marketing process so people buy with their eyes so there's some of the great features and benefits of this unit


2. USED Taylor 161 Countertop  Soft Serve Machine

USED Taylor 161












Price: $7,990.00 - USED Tayor 161 HERE

The Taylor 161 is a small versatile and profit-driven soft serve machine. The Taylor 161 has two eight quart product hoppers and two and and a half quart barrels for where the ice cream is made.

It's great for cafes, coffee shops, and restaurants. It's also great for anyone wanting to add a great profit margin that is soft serve and frozen yogurt products! The best thing about this machine is its size, taking up truly minimum space in your shop. Most of these machines are air-cooled and they're usually 220 volt and single-phase.


Spaceman 6250 USED Soft Serve Machine

Spaceman 6250 H USED












Price: $7,9900 - USED Spaceman 6250 HERE

Serve up one cone after another with the spaceman 6250h soft-serve ice cream machine! This gravity-fed floor standing machine comes with locking swivel casters for convenient mobility and is perfect for most applications. operation is simple thanks to its digital controls that allow you to change viscosity, monitor the hopper temperature, and even see your daily and total serving count.

This model features a hopper agitator that stirs the product to keep it from separating while reducing frost buildup around the sides to ensure maximum efficiency. It's also highly versatile- capable of handling almost any type of soft-serve, frozen yogurt and ice cream mixes. It can dispense two different flavors separately or both together in a twist.

Boasting a fast initial freeze time of five minutes and a recovery time of just two to three minutes, this unit is rated to produce just over 400 four ounce servings per hour in a compact footprint. Plus when your supply is running low, a low level indicator light will activate giving you a heads up so that you can refill the unit at your convenience.

featuring patented freezing technology, this machine can lower electric bills and heat output by 15 to 35 percent versus the competitors. it also features a standby mode for conserving power during slow or off hours.

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