Recipe Ideas for Your Batch Freezer –


Recipe Ideas for Your Batch Freezer

Todays is just a quick post, with three simple Ice cream recipes that you can try in your batch freezer!

The batch freezer used in these recipes is the Electrofreeze B12E batch freezer. This batch freezer has a 3-gallon capacity, and features viscosity control as well as variable motor speed controls.

The Electrofreeze B12E batch freezer control allows you to never over freeze your product. Once your product reaches the right thickness, the batch freezer will automatically shut off. Our variable motor speed control lets you adjust the RPMs of the motor so you can make gelato, Italian ice, ice cream, and frozen custard! The batch freezer also has built-in features, like a built-in timer, an adjustable shelf, and safety features that make it employee-friendly.

With all that being said, with some trial and error, all of these recipes can be made to work in any commercial batch freezer. While taste is personal preference, I hope the collection of ice cream recipes we’ve gathered will be good enough to serve in your store!

Without further a due, the recipes!

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Recipe:

Today we are going to be making a Cookies & Cream Recipe. The products used in this recipe are from Honey Hill Farms. You do not need to use Honey Hill Farms products - any equivalent products should work fine.

  1. We are going to pour one gallon of Honey Hills 10% vanilla custard into our bucket.
  2. Next, we are going to add about 4 ounces of Oreos (it can be whole or crushed!)
  3. Then we're gonna blend everything (blend until everything is together nicely, ~5min)
  4. Once Blended, Pour our cookies and cream mixture into the batch freezer.
  5. Set viscosity to 45. Turn the Batch Freezer On. Make sure the RPMs are set to the lowest setting.
  6. Let the machine run! Once the batch freezer is finished, empty the batch, adding and mixing in even more oreos. Add as much as you’d like.

And Voila! You’ve made Cookies & Cream Ice Cream. Onto the next recipe...

Classic Mint Cookies & Cream Recipe:

Today we are making mint cookies and cream with a green mint paste from pre-gel. Pre-gel flavorings are top-of-the-line in quality. it's employee error-proof and it comes all-in-one.

  1. So we're going to start with one gallon of ice cream base & we are going to add about a 140 grams of mint paste
  2. Next, we are gonna add some crushed up oreos to the base. Like the recipe before, you can put as mich as you’d like: For our recipe, we are going to put 4 ounces of oreos in.
  3. Blend the 4 ounces of oreos, one gallon of ice cream base and the 140 grams of mint paste into a bowl until blended thoroughly (don’t overmix!)
  4. throw the mixture straight into the batch freezer.
  5. Once mint cookies and cream ice cream is finished, slowly empty the batch freezer while layering it with some more crushed up oreos. you want to be pretty generous when you're doing your variegates, or honestly anything you decide to layer in at the end.

And that’s it! We’ve made Mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Decadent & Fruity Rice Black Raspberry Icecream Recipe:

Today we are going to make a black raspberry (ice cream), and we are going to layer it with some black raspberry topping.

    1. We are going to start with one gallon of ice cream base.
    2. Then we are going to add about one and a half cups of black raspberry puree. Typically you would add about one quart to every two and a half gallons of mix.
    3. Next, we're gonna do a quick blend and then throw this mixture into our batch freezer.
    4. Once the batch freezer is done running, our black raspberry ice cream is basically done!
    5. While were emptying the batch freezer, We're going to take be layering the black raspberry topping into it.

And thats it! Thanks for reading

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