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2018 FINAMAC TURBO25 Water cooled 3 phase

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2018 FINAMAC Turbo 25 Water cooled Three phase. Molds sold separately

Refurbished and tested.

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Warranty: Up to $3,500 for up to after equipment is received

Turbo 25 (Water-Cooled Model)

Turbo 25 Water Cooled - For medium-sized producers with experience in the frozen desert industry, or professionals who want to increase their production in an efficient and convenient way, having the ability to add the TURBO 25 - Water Cooled to there production line, according to demand, is a great way to go!

The Turbo 25 is a semi-automated machine designed for producing water-based popsicles (ex: gooseberry, pineapple, lemon, etc) as well as milk-based popsicles (ex: chocolate, vanilla, etc). It is a practical and fast machine, capable of producing 700-900 popsicles an hour! The Turbo 25 (water-cooled model) comes with 10 moulds of 28 cavities each.

Suggested use

  1. Turbo 25 + 1 Mixer 15. Production of up to 900 popsicles per hour.
  2. side-by-side Turbo 25 machines. Connected at the same time, they are able to produce up to 1800 popsicles per hour. Only one machine an be connected during low sales period (i.e. cold weather or rainy days).
  3. Can produce ice using special moulds.
  4. Ultra fast cooling of drinks, juices etc.
  5. Abrupt cooling of ice cream mixtures, heated by flame, to complete the pasteurization cycle.
  6. Operates using commercial three-phase energy. It is a practical and fast machine, endorsed by numerous successful businesses. Compact, light, and durable. Rotary/lock wheels make it easy to move and transport. Unibody cabinet made from stainless steel.

    Powerful, practical, and silent: High-efficiency hermetic compressor. Low noise level. Low power consumption.

Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V or 380 V, Triphase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 4,5 kW
Crate dimensions Length = 1400 mm, Width = 1000 mm, Height = 1500 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 1395 mm, Width = 730 mm, Height = 1315 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 250 kg.
Net Weight 160 kg (without fluid and molds) - 303 kg (with fluid and molds).
Production Capacity * 700 to 900 ice pops per hour** or 350 to 450 paletas per hour***
Condensation Water or air.

Note:  We will do our very best to help you operate the equipment properly and troubleshoot issues. We will also honor our warranty as detailed. But please understand we are not the manufacturer and we make no representations as to the production efficiency, output, electrical requirements and the like.  We strongly encourage you to reach out to the manufacturer to get a better idea of what you are buying and that your electrical service can handle it.

All spec sheets, drawings, dimensions, performance data and other information made available by Turnkey Parlor are meant to provide our customers with a general idea. If you are purchasing an item please make sure you double check with manufacturer for specific details.



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USED EQUIPMENT: You have 14 days to notify us that you want to return used equipment for a full refund less shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. We guarantee proper working condition on all used equipment we ship. If it is not working for any reason when received, we will pay to have a local service company fix it as long as you notify us there is an issue within 30 days after you receive it.

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