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CB350 2015 Emery Thompson in excellent condition

Emery Thompson

CB350 2015 Emery Thompson in excellent condition


This offer is for a very lightly used 2015 CB-350 batch freezer. Single Phase and Air-cooled.Very lite run time on the unit. Was used for just over a year and then retired to indoor climate controlled storage.

The CB-350 will produce up to 7.5 gallons of ice cream or gelato per hour. The most versatile batch freezer ever manufactured and it’s MADE IN THE U.S.A.

Production:6 quarts per batch; 7.5 gallons (28.4 liters) of ice cream per hour and 6 gallons (22.5 liters) of fresh fruit sorbet per hour.

Freezing Chamber:Our hand made Stainless Steel freezing chamber is three times thicker than any other batch freezer. The thicker walled cylinder along with our stainless steel beater allow you to add whole nuts, cookies and fruits directly into the freezing chamber while the product is being made – AN EMERY THOMPSON EXCLUSIVE!

The CB-350 includes Emery Thompsons touch-screen Infinite Overrun Control. With this new design the control becomes even more user friendly. While the overrun can be adjusted manually as in previous models, this new bright touch screen also has selections for making perfect old fashioned hard ice cream of any air content, artisan gelato, fresh fruit sorbets, frozen lemonade, Italian Ice and frozen yogurt. You control the machine, it doesn’t control you!


  1. Agitator Motor:1 H.P.
  2. Condensing Unit:2 H.P. (Self-contained using environmentally friendly 404-A refrigerant.)
  3. Dimensions(WxHxD):19 inches x 34 inches x 28 inches*

* Unit requires 8 inches clearance from the wall

CB350 Electrical
Cooling Air
Machine Model CB-350
Voltage 208-230
Phase 1
Hertz 60
Minimum Circuit Amperage 14.7
Maximum Fuse 20


When your order arrives, please make sure that you inspect the equipment carefully when you receive it from the carrier. If there is any visible damage, please mark "damaged" on the carrier paperwork.

You need to make sure you unwrap the equipment - all boxes/pieces to make sure that everything ordered is there, and that it isn't damaged. WE CANNOT PUT IN A CLAIM IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A NOTATION OF SOME SORT ON THE SHIPPING PAPERWORK. The delivery person can't leave until you sign the paper work. If there is a chance that the person who placed the order and is reading this policy will not be there during delivery of the shipment, make sure the store personnel is aware of the policy. Damages not noted because you were not there at the time of the delivery, and someone else received it who did not note them on the paperwork, will not be eligible for the claims process. PLEASE make sure everyone who might be there to receive the shipment understands this.

Again, a notation of damage on the paperwork will make it easier for us to put in a claim. If the damage is excessive, refuse the shipment (new equipment only, used or customer equipment cannot be refused)and have them send it back to us. We will ship a replacement unit out immediately. If the damage is minor or obviously cosmetic, please note this on the paper work and go ahead and accept the equipment. You can call and e-mails us a few pictures of the cosmetic damage, and we will work out a partial refund that is relative to the damage and acceptable to you. 

If the equipment does not work when you plug it in, give us a call right away. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with what you get and that it works right from day one.


The return/refund policy on NEW Equipment and USED or CUSTOM equipment are different. You have 3 days to return brand new equipment for a full refund less shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Custom equipment like dipping carts or used equipment cannot be returned and must be accepted when delivered. We guarantee custom equipment and used equipment will be in good working condition when you receive it, and if not, as long as you report the mechanical problem within the first 14 days you have the equipment, we will get it fixed and cover the cost of doing so unless we have a separate stated warranty on a specific deal. Custom or used equipment cannot be returned under any circumstances. Should it not be in working order when you get it, we will get it fixed. If we can’t get it fixed, we will refund your money. On standard new equipment, you must notify us within 3 days by sending an email to equipment@turnkeyparlor.com stating that you want to return the equipment. We will refund your payment less appropriate shipping and restock fees and coordinate for the equipment to be picked back up. See "shipping" policy link for instructions on how to properly receive equipment.

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