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2004 Carpagani LB-502G 3ph water

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2004 Carpagani LB-502G Batch Freezer

2004 Carpagani LB-502G Batch Freezer 3ph water cooled Refurbished and fully tested in our CA warehouse.

90 day parts and labor warranty.

A dynamic Carpigiani machine allows you to create both high and low overrun frozen products such as Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Sherbet, Custard, Water Ice and more.. Ideal for the startup frozen dessert business.

Carpagani LB-502G Features:

  1. Performance and QualityPatented Hard-O-Dynamic technology achieves desired consistency with any batch size. Electronic controls automatically maintain product until extraction begins. Beater resists extreme hot and cold temperatures and includes auto-adjusting scrapers for complete extraction. Includes separate Ice Cream and Gelato beaters for both high & low overrun Frozen Desserts.

  2. Convenience Automatic Control provides unparalleled flexibility and ease of operation. Audible alarm signals when product achieves desired consistency. Maximized extraction results in minimal flavor overlap with less frequent rinsing. Optional shelf mat designed to hold trays & tubs during extraction.

  3. SavingsLowest power consumption in the industry while providing some of the quickest batch freezing times. Self-adjusting scraper can be replaced without needing a new beater. Air-cooling option available.

  4. Safety Automatic defrost starts during power outages to avoid damage to beater. Rounded corners reduce risk of injury to operator. Operations are done standing up for user comfort.

  5. HygieneBuilt-in faucet with flex hose makes cleaning fast and easy. Removable extraction chute for easy cleaning. Scoth-Brite treated steel is resistant to stains and fat residues. Ask your Carpigiani Sales Representative for the “Carpi Care Kit” to best maintain equipment.


NEW EQUIPMENT: You have 14 days to notify us that you want to return brand new equipment for a full refund less shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. To return new equipment, it must be in the same packaging that it arrived in. New equipment warranty is as per manufacturer stated warranty

USED EQUIPMENT: You have 14 days to notify us that you want to return used equipment for a full refund less shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. We guarantee proper working condition on all used equipment we ship. If it is not working for any reason when received, we will pay to have a local service company fix it as long as you notify us there is an issue within 30 days after you receive it.

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