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Mixer 15 - liquefier/blender

Perfect for small ice cream and Popsicles producers, or larger production companies, that want to increase their production and profitability with a high-quality final product assured through perfect aeration and homogenization. This Mixer is vital to people and/or companies that use Popsicles and ice cream machines.

The Mixer 15 can increase your profits significantly as it's built to incorporate air into any Popsicles product. This proccess also makes Popsicles much softer too, which is usually perfered.

Mixer 15 Features:

  • Emulsifies and homogenizes the ingredients, especially when using fats;
  • Incorporates air into the mixture, leaving the ice cream and popsicles smoother and more profitable;
  • A removable rectangular section makes it easy to clean and sanitize;
  • Has a capacity to hold up to 8 liters of mixture;
  • 220V Monophase
  1. Incorporates 10% to 20% air in the blend, providing higher productivity, increasing profitability.
  2. The ice cream and popsicles remain much softer, as the special helix not only mixes the ingredients, but homogenizes the fats with liquids and solid
  3. Much better than a standard industrial liquefier/blender (used in bakeries and snack-bars). Many people think that a common blender is enough to produce an ice cream mixture - maybe for a family gathering, but a professional ice cream maker that doesn’t use the Mixer 15 is already starting with lower quality and less profits.
  4. Pasteurization and production of small ice cream quantities allow a great variety of flavors, mixing hot with cold milk while intensely shaking.
  5. Previous knowledge of ice cream production is not needed.
  6. Easy to operate, install, and transport.
  7. Maintenance can be done by a regular technician or by the operator.
  8. Aerated and homogenized ice cream means higher quality, not only visually, but also greatly improves the texture, flavor, color, time of conservation, melting resistance, and other aspects easily observed by finicky customers.
Technical Details
Electrical Installation 220 V, monophase, 50 Hz or 60 Hz.
Consumption of electricity 0.375 kW.
Crate dimensions Length = 630 mm, Width = 360 mm, Height = 760 mm.
Equipment Dimensions Length = 490 mm, Width = 220 mm, Height = 625 mm.
Gross Weight with crate 35 Kg.
Net Weight 19.5 Kg.
Production Capacity Maximum mixing volume*: Up to 8 liters (2 gallons) of syrup in beat. Internal volume**: 15 liters (3.96 gallons).

Mixer 15 Dimensions

Mixer 15 Dimensions


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