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BDC-8S Nelson Push Cart with Cold Plates and Bike Wheels

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Ice Cream Cart Model BDC8S with cold plates and bike wheels (cart comes with white panels - no graphics)

The Nelson BDC-8S is a pushcart with cold plates standard for pre-packaged items, novelties. This cart is the most energy-efficient ice cream push cart on planet Earth. It's a longer, narrower version of our standard cold plate push cart, with rounded corners and a bumper. Includes a lid lock, umbrella bracket, no assembly required.

Umbrella available for a discounted rate of $150 when you buy this push cart.

Perfect for starting your ice cream novelty business. Nelson ice cream push carts start with a refrigerated cabinet. They never use a cheap bunker freezer and then try to modify it for the specialized use outdoors in high ambient temperatures.

This is a high-performance cart that exceeds Energy Star efficiency standards, is lighter than conventional carts of similar size, achieves -40 degree temperatures, and has comparable holdover to our standard BDC6.

These carts are made of stainless steel on the interiors to stay clean and sanitary forever with the outside shells of aluminum, reducing weight and improving the recycling value of the cart when it inevitably needs to be disposed.


  1. Bicycle wheels available
  2. Umbrella available
  3. Approximately 700 novelties depending on size
  4. Cold Plates Standard
  5. 1/3 h.p. Compressor
  6. R404a refrigerant
  7. 115 v., 6 amps








Other Features:

  • Nelson ice cream pushcarts with cold plates are designed for use ANYTIME or ANYWHERE
  • Cold plates are standard on these models. Simple plug the ice cream cart into a standard electrical outlet overnight and the next day you are ready for a a full day of selling ice cream and other frozen desserts without the need for electricity or dry ice.
  • Our new Hi-R carts are the most energy-efficient ice cream push cart produced on earth.
  • The HiR carts are lighter and totally recyclable, after their long, useful life
  • Standard features on all of our ice cream carts include a push bar, umbrella bracket, white lexan exterio, 6" or 8" rubber wheels, and a lid locking bar.
  • Options include graphics, canopy, umbrella, bicycle wheels and a fold down shelf
  • These pushcarts are available for a wide variety of different products and temperatures
  • Ice cream carts for novelties are generally set for -10 degrees and holding temperatures of around 0 degrees after the overnight charge
  • Scooping carts, gelato carts, Italian ice carts and water ice carts can be ordered for special temperatures and can be equipped with our exclusive digital temperature control to dial in exactly the right operating temperature for your special product
  • All Nelson ice cream push carts have available optional overhead canopies with pull-out shades for the operator and spring-assist canopy support poles
  • Even the largest and most complex carts can be easily broke down to fit thru a standard doorway without tools
  • The spring-assist canopy support poles are a Nelson exclusive and are standard with all canopies
  • No tools and very little effort is required to raise and lower the canopy, making setup and tear down a breeze


NEW EQUIPMENT: You have 14 days to notify us that you want to return brand new equipment for a full refund less shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. To return new equipment, it must be in the same packaging that it arrived in. New equipment warranty is as per manufacturer stated warranty

USED EQUIPMENT: You have 14 days to notify us that you want to return used equipment for a full refund less shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. We guarantee proper working condition on all used equipment we ship. If it is not working for any reason when received, we will pay to have a local service company fix it as long as you notify us there is an issue within 30 days after you receive it.

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