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ROBOPOP 2.0 (Start model)


ROBOPOP 2.0 (Start Model)

The ROBOPOP 2.0 is the perfect compact Popsicle Machine for any small/medium-sized entrepreneurs just starting out, or professionals who want to increase their production in a modular way! With a bold and visually pleasing design, the ROBOPOP 2.0 opens up lots of opportunity, including the ease of producing your ice pops in front of customers!

The Robopop 2.0 is designed with tempered glass lid for viewing the inside of the machine during operation. Conventional machines have plastic or metal lids, which easily scratch and make it difficult to see.

The ROBOPOP 2.0 can make a variety of ice pops. It can produce a large variety of ice pops, with different shapes and sizes, including creamy or solid fillings. Aerated ice pops are also done efficiently, resulting in a pleasant creamy texture and increasing the profitability of the final product.

One of the only pieces of equipment capable of more than 300 (Start model) ice pops per hour in continuous mode and for an indefinite period, occupying less than 21 sq ft / 2 m_ of space.

Technical Details
Consumption of electricity 6 KW
Electrical Installation 208-240V, Monophase, 50/60 Hz.
Crate dimensions (front x height x side) 1415mm X 1418mm X 1175mm
Equipment Dimensions (front x height x side) 1165mm x 1015mm x 974mm
Gross weight with crate 190KG
Net Weight 155KG
Production Capacity 300-350 Popsicles Per Hour or 150-200 Mexican Paletas
Condensation Air-Cooled


Advantages of the Robopop 2.0 Start Model:

  • The best investment/return rate in the food production industry.
  • Works with both 3 Phase and 1 Phase power
  • Easy to Operate, Install, and Transport
  • Simple maintenance can be provided by a regular household refrigerator technician.
  • Small space occupied, only 40% of the area normally occupied by equivalent conventional equipment.
  • The best production/time rate among equivalent equipment.
  • Lower energy cost per ice pop produced due to the low thermal loss of the tank, the efficiency of the refrigeration system and distribution of the freezing fluid under the molds.
  • Resale value guaranteed because it is a compact machine of high production and equipped with state-of-the-art technology with all control systems included. It is a module of production of ice pops of high efficiency and low cost when compared to conventional equipment.
  • The latest technology in ice pop production. There is no equipment on the market with Robopop's innovations.


NEW EQUIPMENT: You have 14 days to notify us that you want to return brand new equipment for a full refund less shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. To return new equipment, it must be in the same packaging that it arrived in. New equipment warranty is as per manufacturer stated warranty

USED EQUIPMENT: You have 14 days to notify us that you want to return used equipment for a full refund less shipping costs and a 20% restocking fee. We guarantee proper working condition on all used equipment we ship. If it is not working for any reason when received, we will pay to have a local service company fix it as long as you notify us there is an issue within 30 days after you receive it.

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