Nelson Ice cream cold plate dipping cart for sale –

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Nelson BD4DIPCE00 Small Dipping Cart

BD4DIPCE00 Small Ice Cream Push Cart with Cold Plates
Nelson BD4DIPCE00 Small Dipping Cart

Nelson BD4DIPCE00 Small Dipping Cart

BD4-DIP-CE-00 is the smallest Nelson Ice cream dipping cart with cold plates available for purchase (also available without cold plates). Nelson ice cream dipping carts start with a refrigerated cabinet. They never use a cheap bunker freezer and then try to modify it for the specialized use outdoors in high ambient temperatures.

  • Capacity 6 cu.ft.
  • Approximately 500 Novelties or 4 ice cream tub facings + 2 more 3 gallon tubs in storage
  • Cold Plates Standard (ask us for pricing without cold plates)
  • 1/3 h.p. Compressor
  • R-404a refrigerant
  • 115 v., 6 amps
  • Free Shipping

  • Many of our competitors who use a cheap store freezer for their carts will state that their freezer is NSF and UL/ETL listed. While that may be true it does not mean that the cart they produce meets the standards of UL/ETL or NSF for a finished product that is suitable for the intended end use.

    All of our ice cream carts are manufactured 100% in the USA and feature our own freezers with stainless steel bottoms on the interiors of the carts. When you have the inevitable accident of having melted product, particularly with frozen ices and other products that have citric acids, you won't worry about corrosion in your cart. They are built to last. And standard equipment on all the serving carts, whether for Italian ices, water ices, or gelato, come with our exclusive digital temperature control so you can dial in exactly the right temperature for your product.



    • Lid locks standard on all models
    • Top to be stainless steel, standard. Optional solid surface materials
    • Base frame to be welded aluminum
    • All exposed corners welded and polished smooth
    • Finished exterior with white lexan standard.
    • Wheels to be 6" diameter (2) swivel with locks, (2) rigid. Load rating of wheel to be a minimum of 350 lbs. each. Optional 8" casters available.
    • Interior of cart to be stainless steel, standard.
    • Bottom drain installed for defrost.
    • Carts to have 5year limited warranty against cold plate failure, instulation failure or internal tubing leaks.
    • Carts to be NSF and ETL listed for outdoor use
    • 115 volts, optional 220
    • Sink system requires separate 15 amps of 115 v. electric service.

    More information:
    • Our ice cream dipping carts are listed for both safety and sanitation for outdoor use and the appropriate intended use.
    • All Nelson outdoor ice cream carts are manufactured with stainless steel bottoms to minimize the chances of interior corrosion when product is left melted inside the freezer cart.
    • The tops on the Nelson ice cream carts are made of stainless steel with welded corners.
    • All Nelson carts are equipped with the finest cart wheels in the industry - long-lasting, natural rubber wheels with natural UV protection against sunlight that embrittles cheaper wheels.
    • All electrically operated Nelson ice cream carts will be ETL or UL listed for outdoor use.All Nelson ice cream carts will be NSF listed for the appropriate use.
    • All Nelson ice cream pushcarts will have oversized electrical power cords suitable for outdoor use.
    • All Nelson ice cream push carts will have oversized electrical power cords suitable for outdoor use.
    • Lid locks are provided on all ice cream carts as standard equipment.
    • All Nelson ice cream carts have heavy-duty welded aluminum base frames from maximum strength and minimum weight.
    • Nelson carts are standard for ice cream novelty temperatures. Alternate uses such as carts for Italian ice, water ice, other products can be specified at time of order for other temperatures.
    • Nelson ice cream carts specified for scooping ice cream, for Italian ice or water ice, or for gelato will have digital temperature control to provide precise setting of the desired temperatures.
    BD4DIPCE00 (note: actual cart comes with PLAIN WHITE panels)


    When your order arrives, please make sure that you inspect the equipment carefully when you receive it from the carrier. If there is any visible damage, please mark "damaged" on the carrier paperwork.

    You need to make sure you unwrap the equipment - all boxes/pieces to make sure that everything ordered is there, and that it isn't damaged. WE CANNOT PUT IN A CLAIM IF YOU DO NOT MAKE A NOTATION OF SOME SORT ON THE SHIPPING PAPERWORK. The delivery person can't leave until you sign the paper work. If there is a chance that the person who placed the order and is reading this policy will not be there during delivery of the shipment, make sure the store personnel is aware of the policy. Damages not noted because you were not there at the time of the delivery, and someone else received it who did not note them on the paperwork, will not be eligible for the claims process. PLEASE make sure everyone who might be there to receive the shipment understands this.

    Again, a notation of damage on the paperwork will make it easier for us to put in a claim. If the damage is excessive, refuse the shipment (new equipment only, used or customer equipment cannot be refused)and have them send it back to us. We will ship a replacement unit out immediately. If the damage is minor or obviously cosmetic, please note this on the paper work and go ahead and accept the equipment. You can call and e-mails us a few pictures of the cosmetic damage, and we will work out a partial refund that is relative to the damage and acceptable to you. 

    If the equipment does not work when you plug it in, give us a call right away. Our goal is to make sure you are happy with what you get and that it works right from day one.


    The return/refund policy on NEW Equipment and USED or CUSTOM equipment are different. You have 3 days to return brand new equipment for a full refund less shipping and a 20% restocking fee. Custom equipment like dipping carts or used equipment cannot be returned and must be accepted when delivered. We guarantee custom equipment and used equipment will be in good working condition when you receive it, and if not, as long as you report the mechanical problem within the first 14 days you have the equipment, we will get it fixed and cover the cost of doing so unless we have a separate stated warranty on a specific deal. Custom or used equipment cannot be returned under any circumstances. Should it not be in working order when you get it, we will get it fixed. If we can’t get it fixed, we will refund your money. On standard new equipment, you must notify us within 3 days by sending an email to stating that you want to return the equipment. We will refund your payment less appropriate shipping and restock fees and coordinate for the equipment to be picked back up. See "shipping" policy link for instructions on how to properly receive equipment.

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