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2012 Taylor C723 3Ph Water


2012 Taylor C723 3Ph Water Cooled Soft Serve Machine:

The Taylor C723 Soft Serve Freezer is a game-changer for any establishment looking to delight customers with a variety of soft serve options. From the velvety richness of low or non-fat ice creams to the light and refreshing tastes of custards, yogurt, and sorbet, this machine offers it all. Its twin twist feature allows you to serve two separate flavors or a delectable combination of both.

Exceptional Features:

  • Dual Freezing Cylinders: Two 2.8 quart (2.7 liter) cylinders ensure a steady flow of product, ready to meet customer demand.
  • Optimized Mix Hoppers: The machine includes two 14 quart (13.2 liter) hoppers. The Separate Hopper Refrigeration (SHR) system keeps the mix below 41ºF (5ºC) during both Auto and Standby modes, guaranteeing freshness and safety.
  • Intelligent Indicator System: Digital readouts display time since the last brush cleaning, ensuring product safety. A low mix indicator, with an optional audible alarm, alerts the operator to replenish the mix, while an automatic shutdown feature activates when the mix is depleted to prevent damage.
  • Advanced Touch Screen Controls: Featuring microprocessor touch controls within a robust tempered glass panel, the C723 offers multi-language options and provides critical data like viscosity and temperature in Fahrenheit or Celsius. A draw counter is also included to monitor serving numbers.
  • Energy-Efficient Standby Mode: The standby mode keeps products at safe temperatures, reducing energy consumption during quieter periods.
  • Safety First Design: The door interlock system prevents operation without the dispensing door, ensuring operator safety.
  • Efficient Dispensing: A thermo-plastic door, combined with self-closing draw handles, facilitates quick and effortless dispensing.

Perfect for Various Settings:

The Taylor C723 is designed to excel in diverse environments, from bustling cafes and restaurants to busy ice cream shops. Its efficient design and high-quality construction make it a versatile and reliable choice for businesses seeking to expand their dessert offerings.


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