Common Troubleshooting with a Stoelting Machine –


Common Troubleshooting with a Stoelting Machine

Common Troubleshooting with a Stoelting Machine

Hello fellow ice cream enthusiasts. Today's post is something  we've been meaning to put together for some time now. While this troubleshooting guide isn't comprehensive (yet!), it does cover some of the most basic & common problems you'll face at some point in your day to day use with a Stoelting soft serve machine.

These suggestions are not model specific; If you need model specific troubleshooting, the manuals for each Stoelting machine will have some troubleshooting instructions for those particular models.

Looking for more info about Soft Serve machines in general? Check out our soft serve machine buying guide here.

Stoelting Soft Serve Troubleshooting Guide:

Problem #1: Product Does Not Dispense

If your machine won’t dispense product after running, there are a few possible reasons that it could be happening.

Possible Cause #1: The most common reason I see this happen is due to the machine freezing up; when a user doesn't put in enough mix or starts the machine too early before enough mix has reached the barrels, the auger will get too cold and freeze.

Solution #1: Turn off your soft serve machine Cylinder and allow it to defrost, usually for about 15min (though it could take up to an hour). Restart the machine, and you should be good to go!

Possible Cause #2: Another possible reason for product not dispensing is the Drive Motor Overloading. While this can sometimes be a sign of something larger going on with the machine, it can also just happen from long use times with the machine.

Solution #2: Give your motor a break & time to reset. Generally it takes ~ 20 minutes for the motor to reset. Like i mentioned before, if this starts happening frequently it can be a sign of something bigger going on. Suggestion would be to contact a authorized technician.

Problem #2: Product is Too Soft

Nobody likes ice cream that's too soft, and it can actually be unsafe to eat if your product isn't reaching the proper temperature! Often simple problems like this can have many different causes. Ill grow through some of the most common:

Possible Cause #1: If your soft serve machine is an air-cooled machine, a proper distance (a minimum of 3 inches of air space on every side of the machine) and proper temperature control in wherever the machine is being used.

Solution #1: Give your Stoelting machine room to breath; 3” minimum on all sides. If your running multiple air cooled machines in the same room, or just other heavy equipment, than make sure you have constant AC and air flowing through the room as well to prevent the machine from overheating.

Possible Cause #2: If the condenser has not been properly cleaned, this can effect how firm your final product is. The condenser is like your machines engine, so if its not running properly, than your machine won’t either.

Solution #2: Clean your machine's condenser and surrounding areas. DO NOT get onto the electronics of the machine while cleaning inside.

Possible Cause #3: Another common problem I see is users improperly assembling machine parts. In this instance, if the Auger is not assembled properly, there is a high chance your product won’t come out properly.

Solution #3: Basically you need to restart the machine. Remove mix, clean, reassemble, sanitize, and freeze down. Make sure you take your time when rebuilding the Auger.

Problem #3: Product has a Slimy Feel & Taste

If your product has any sort of slimy appearance or taste to it, then your product is likely containment and spoiled.

Possible Cause #1: The most common reason this happens is because expired mix was used to make the product.

Solution #1: Replace old Mix. Make sure you are keeping track of when products expire and/or when they are opened. Generally, once soft serve mix is made, it will only be good for a max of 7 day (usually less time for products with dairy).

Possible Cause #2: The second problem we see is when a machine isn't cleaned frequently enough. Expired product can get caught inside the machine, which would contaminate any good mix.

Solution #2: Make sure you are cleaning out your machine every day, with approved Sanitizers like Stera Sheen or Green Feel.

Problem #4: Product is Limp

If your product is not forming properly and is a bit too soft, even though the ice cream tastes okay, there are a few things that could be going on: Either with the compressor, with the machines blades, or with the viscosity control..

Possible Cause #1:The Compressor is not receiving proper water or air circulation.

Solution #1: Improve the circulation around your machine. Remember that air-cooled machines need room on all sides to function properly!

Possible Cause #2:If your machine is getting cold enough, but this is still happening, we recommend checking your blades for wear and tear. Even slight damage of the blades can impact how the end product is.

Solution #2: Replace the blades. Make sure to use fresh product.

Problem #5: Foaming Product

If the Product has a very foamy, almost cloud-like appearance. May also be foaming within the hopper.

Possible Cause #1: This generally means your product is being refrozen; Your machine likely has worn down or faulty parts from long term use.

Solution #1: You may need to repair and/or replace worn parts.

Possible Cause #2: If your machine is brand new, then you may have refrozen your product outside of the machine, which is what caused the foaming.

Solution #2: Make sure you are using fresh, and not refrozen mix/product.

Problem #6: Product is Acidic

If the taste of your soft serve is acidic, it is cause for concern. It can mean bacteria, which indicates improper cleaning in the past.

Possible Cause #1:The sanitation process has not been done properly.

Solution #1: Make sure you understand exactly how to sanitize your machine.

Here is a video of ours going over the cleaning process for a F231 Stoelting soft serve machine.

The cleaning procedures for most gravity fed Stoelting machines will be the same. Make sure you follow each step, as it can be dangerous to not properly sanitize your soft serve machine.

Thanks for reading our Stoelting troubleshooting guide. If your issue was not listed on our troubleshooting post, and you would like to contribute a solution that can be added to this post, then send us your solutions with the Google Form below!

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